Why Is Father’s Day Trending On Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother's Day

mothers they fed you glow cue and did that small task of birthing you, where would we be without them, aside from non-existent probably is not too good a shape, humans have been celebrating moms and the things they do for millennia, in ancient Egypt they celebrated the goddess Isis as the mother of Horus who was the first Pharaoh in ancient Greece and Rome celebrated mother goddesses Sibley and Rhea, both of which had devotions surrounding them if you’re going to have a devotions one that is centered around mothers is probably a better way to go.

Happy Mother's Day

the Romans had several festivals to celebrate mother goddesses, most of these were in the spring, during the festivals of Hilaria a statue of the goddess Emily would be carried through the streets followed by a display of arts and crafts, however, these pagan deities would not hold the spotlight forever, as Christianity took hold of Europe they too would celebrate Mother’s, the early Christian Church used these old festivals to celebrate the Virgin Mary, to honor the Virgin Mary believers would leave flowers and gifts at the church that they were baptized in however it would it be until the sixteenth century that individual mothers rather than mother goddesses their biblical matriarchs would be celebrated. England would proclaim this to be mothering Day, however, English settler in America would stall the tradition of mothering Day because they kind of had an inimical wilderness to deal with and that mothering day was still too Romanist for Puritans. in 1870, Julia, how the author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic made her own Mother’s Day declaration, however, House Mother’s Day of June 2nd wouldn’t catch on but the idea took root. in 1908 Anna M Jarvis would behaviorism her church in West Virginia to arrange May 10th as Mother’s Day.


after years of soliciting state governments in Congress, President Woodrow Wilson would sign Mother’s Day into ceremonial recognition in 1914 to be on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s are awesome from all the child birthing the cleaning and making you the person you are. If you were ever mad at your mother just remember, at one point you vomited on her and she still kept you.