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Past and present technology then and now; devices and gadgets that we use today were radically different back once they were first invented, introduced or popularized, years or decades ago in this; check out technological transformations we see what old-school designs became.

floppy disk; you’d need 2 hundred and thirteen thousand individual five and 1 / 4 inch floppy disks each, with a capacity of 1.2 megabytes to carry 256 gigabytes of knowledge. Thumb drive now all you would like is that this 2-inch long thumb drive, that easily stores an equivalent amount of knowledge.

Books, 1,400 physical books would weigh about 1 pound each; that’s about the maximum amount as half a car. Kindle, the most cost-effective version of this electronic reader can hold that a lot of books in digital form.

Ford Model T, the primary consumer automobile introduced in 1908, produces 20 horsepower and had a top speed of 45 miles per hour. Ford GT the 2017 descendant has evolved into a supercar with 600 horsepower and speeds in more than 200 miles per hour.

Television, in 100 years the TV has taken many shapes and sizes, here’s the evolution of the tv from the 1920s to today the 1920s gave us the mechanical television. the primary model had a little display on the proper, and an enormous cabinet, these first TVs were very simple as compared to our technology today, they implemented peculiar shapes like the Octagon television although the technology was impressive the video quality wasn’t countenance weren’t recognizable unless makeup was worn during a specific way within the 1930s we saw more refined televisions with better designs and determination. we started the 2010s with the simplest combination of tech money combined 4k LED and 3d.

Laptop, the primary true personal computer, was called Osborne one built by adam Osborne in 1981 it weighed 24 pounds had a 5-inch screen and price 1795 dollars. Compact ultra portables laptop Circuit
2016 are sleek lightweight have 13 to fifteen-inch touchscreens blazingly fast processors and price $1,000 or less.

Mobile phone, in April 1973 Motorola researcher Martin Cooper made the primary mobile call, employing a device that weighed 1.1 kilos and measured 23 centimeters long it had an interview time of half-hour and took 10 hours to recharge. Smartphone there are nearly 150 mobile manufacturers within the world today, who produce the newest iteration of this device which is little light thin and is virtually a carry anywhere computer.

ENIACĀ inbuiltĀ 1946 by Pennsylvania University scientists, the electronic numerical integrator and computer, ENIAC was a 30-ton BAM off with over 17,000 vacuum tubes 70,000 resistors and 10,000
Capacitors, filling up a 30 by 50-foot room portable calculator modern-day electronic pocket calculators became available within the 1970s after the primary microprocessor was developed by Intel for Japanese calculate a corporation busy calm now pocket calculators by Texas Instruments but enormous computing power during a smartphone size package.

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