Never lie to someone who trusts you and never trust someone who lies to you

Never lie to someone who trusts you


How do you treat those around you?

No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are… how you treat people around you ultimately say everything. Integrity is everything! Having been exposed to and living as a personality from my TV days, I very quickly learnt to understand that integrity is a vital part of life. None of us has a right to think we are better than another person, for whatever reason. In fact, I have found that when I treat everyone with respect, I build an incredible social circle with people that support me and their’s nothing better than that!

”Stop what you are doing and take note of your breathing…”

Stop nagging and understand to live your life with what you have. This quotation is so very true and makes perfect sense. You are breathing, many others have just stopped breathing. Be grateful that you have NOW and you can still do something NOW to change your circumstances. Just think about that for today and take comfort in everything that you have. Savour every breath you take today!

”Did I have a good chuckle when I first read this quotation…”

Before marrying someone, you should first make them use a computer with the slow Internet – just to see who they really are! And guess what? It is absolutely true! If you really want to find out the true character of someone, sit with them when they have to deal with annoyances and irritating issues – then the ‘real’ person comes out and then you can decide whether you like that person or not! So go out of your way today to judge the real character of your potential partner!

What is your opinion about lies? Even white lies?

Never lie to someone who faith you and never trust someone who cheats on you. I believe that’s why they say that trust takes so long to build. If someone truly respects you, they will never have the need to lie to you. It may seem like a hard stance to take, but I rather always know 100% where I stand with someone. If I must constantly worry whether they will be truthful or not, then they are not worthy of being part of my life.

Do you live life to the maximum?

There is so much available to us on this earth, from fellow friends, awesome nature to the family that care. Do you take everything for granted and moan about the slightest hiccup? Or do you appreciate everything around you? I wake up every day with the view that there are so many opportunities and so much to do, that I need to focus on picking carefully what I want to do. No matter what happens in your life, realize that there is always something extra out there than can improve your life. It’s like the crayons… we remove 3 from the box and never look back in the box to see how many others are left that offer us new possibilities!

Everything you have in life, did you work for it, or was it given to you?

You will NEVER gain my respect if you have gained what you have in life due to a selfish entitlement attitude, connections, or political manipulation. However, if you have honestly worked for what you have while remaining ethical, decent and maintaining a high international standard, then I will ALWAYS respect you. Bottom line, whether I respect you, or not – is totally up to YOU! (Wolfgang Riebe) If you are confident in who you are, you don’t need titles and to create self-important posts – people will automatically respect you for the decent human being that you are.

As you grow older, what have you learnt about life?

As I have grown older, I’ve learnt that pleasing everyone is impossible, but piss- ing everyone off is a piece of cake. I find this quotation very funny, yet so very true. Is it the fact that we are getting older, or has the world changed to such a radical degree and political correctness become so extreme that most thoughts and comments are taken up wrongly today? Personally, I think age gives you insight and wisdom and the ability to rub up wrongly those people that annoy you. It’s kind of really cool!