The history of Jeans

The history of Jeans



jeans we all know what they are we see people wearing them to any occasion nearly every day no item or style of clothing has ever been worn for as long as blue jeans looking around you, you could probably easily find multiple people wearing them over the past century, jeans have grown to be one of America’s greatest shining icons, as well as one of the greatest clothing fashions in history worn by celebrities, and sport athletes alike they are all worn by everyone around the world.

most of us own a pair of jeans, and many of us more than just one pair the jeans business is worth fifty-six billion dollars a year but did you know when you wear your jeans you’re wearing a bit of American┬áhistory, a bit of French history, and a teeny bit of Italian history.It all started in Genoa in the north of Italy there the town’s Weaver’s were making a cotton fabric for Napoleon Bonaparte’s French troops, but soldiers called blur Jeanne, in time this turned into the word jeans soon world of this cloth spread to the south of France, to the town of the mean famous for textiles, and ribbons here the weavers made their own version, but their fabric was tougher, and harder wearing and was known as: sailor’s Dyneema French for the cloth from neem, soon it was just burning to get it denim.

In the 1860s, that’s just 150 years ago, and all the way over to the western u.s. to Nevada where we’re gonna meet Jacob Davis, Jacob was a tailor who came to u.s. at 23 years old from his home in Latvia he set up a tailoring shop in Reno, where he made work clothes for his customers farmers needed sturdy pants and Cowboys out on horseback two Lumberjacks found them useful and

they were great for miners digging for gold soon Jacobs business was booming he bought his cloth his denim from a nearby supplier in San Francisco, called Mr. Levi Strauss the tough cotton fabric was dyed dark blue with indigo, made from plants that grew in Asia, now remember Jacobs customers they needed hard-wearing pants that didn’t tear, so Jacob had the bright idea of adding copper rivets to strengthen the weak points and stop them ripping. now his waist overalls as they were known, were a sell-out and he couldn’t make them fast enough he needed help, Jacob went back to Levi Strauss and suggested they went into business together. Levi agreed, and in 1869 the men took out a patent on riveted pants; to stop anyone copying their idea.

Now Americans alone by 450 million pairs every year, and they’re worn by everyone from world leaders past and present to music stars athletes and regular folk. jeans have grown to be one of the greatest clothing fashions of all time, we all love them for all the right reasons, and they will continue to be worn by millions of people of all ages.