Feeling Good : The New Mood Therapy

Feeling Good

Why such a benefit in this particular brand of psychotherapy? There are at least three reasons. First, the basic ideas are very down to earth and intuitively appealing. Second, many research studies have confirmed that cognitive therapy can be very helpful for individuals suffering from depression and anxiety and a number of other common problems as well. In fact, cognitive curative appears to be at least as conducive as the best antidepressant medications. And third, many successful self-help books, including my own hunch Good, have created a strong popular demand for cognitive curative in the US and throughout the world as well.

A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Mood Disorders

Depression has been called the world’s number one public health mystery. In fact, depression is so diffuse it is beholding the rife cold of psychiatric disturbances. But there is a sullen difference between depression and chili. Depression can kill you. The suicide frenzy, studies indicate, has been on a shocking in-crease in recent years, even among children and adolescents. This escalating death rate has occurred in spite of the billions of antidepressant drugs and tranquilizers that have been dispensed during the past several decades. This might sound fairly gloomy. Before you get even more gloomy, let me tell you the good news. What’s more important you can overcome it by learning some simple processes for mood elevation. A group of psychiatrists and psychologists at the University of Medicine has reported a presumed breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of mood disorders. unsatisfied with the traditional procedures for treating depression because they found them to be slow and hopeless, these doctors developed and systematically tested an entirely new and remarkably successful approach to depression and other emotional disorders. A series of recent studies confirm that these techniques slash the indicator of depression much more swiftly than conventional psychotherapy or drug therapy. The name of this subversive treatment is “cognitive therapy.”

How to detect Your Moods: The First Step in the recovery

Perhaps you are pondering if you have in fact been hurting from depression. Let’s go ahead and see where you stand. The Burns Depression Checklist (BDC) is a reliable mood-measuring device that detects the presence of depression and accurately rates its severity. This simple examination will take only a few minutes to complete. Then you will know instantly whether or not you are suffering from a correct depression and, if so, how acute it is. I will also lay out some important guidelines to help you control whether you can safely and effectively treat your own blue mood using this book as your guide, or whether you have a more serious emotional disorder and might benefit from the professional intervention in addition to your own efforts to help yourself.