Dealing with Jealousy

Dealing with Jealousy



A jealous person can act mean in order to defend his territory. This can be evident in the workplace, in relationships, and even in homes. There can be various incidents that display jealousy. At home, one of your siblings can be mean towards you if you did something good and your parents applaud you for it, at the office, one of your co-workers can be jealous if your boss rewards you for a job well done. In a relationship, your partner might feel threatened when someone else gets your attention.

Although jealousy is bad, it is an emotion that people experience naturally. Jealousy can have both positive and negative consequences. A jealous person can use his jealousy to motivate himself to do better next time, for instance. On the other hand, jealousy can also drive people to act negatively towards other people. So, if someone becomes jealous of your appearance, intelligence, or skills, he can be mean towards you.

What can you do in situations like this and how can you know if jealousy is the reason why people are acting so mean? Well, in all situations, you should try your best to stay calm and not be defensive and start calling people out. You have to be relaxed, so you can think of the most appropriate move. Every reaction you make can either have a positive or negative consequence, so you need to be very careful.

Anyway, if you know that you are civil or friendly to everyone and that you are putting all your efforts in what you do, then the problem is not with you when someone becomes mean towards you. You have to understand that it is common for jealous people to act the way they do because they are actually having power over them, they try to destroy your confidence and get rid of you.

If you get in a conflict with a mean or difficult person, you can use the detach, Disassociate, and Diffuse strategy. First, you should Detach by remaining calm in the midst of a heated argument or confrontation. This is crucial for your personal preservation. You should never let out any profanities, rude gestures or extreme emotion to prevent the stimulation of more difficult behavior from the other person.

You can also choose to disassociate or remove yourself from that situation. Just be indifferent and do not mind the mean person. Also, you should never talk about that person in his face or behind his back. If you do, you will just allow yourself to go down to his level. So instead of doing this, you should focus on something else. Just forget about that mean person. After all, he is not really that important in your life.

Finally, you can choose to diffuse. You should realize that the truthful party usually wins the confrontation or argument. So, you should start by asking why and try to move your conversation to a higher level. If you know that you are in the right, you should not be afraid or hesitant. Oftentimes, mean people only appear tough. In reality, they are actually afraid of what you are capable of.