Can we produce energy with trees?

producing energy with trees



trees are one of the oldest sources of energy used by men burning wood allows to produce renewable energy with natural carbon footprint since co2 rejected in the air is the one that has been absorbed by the tree during its life speaking of which can we produce energy from living trees without killing them a tree can absorb several thousands of what of sunlight during the sunnier hours but it uses this energy essentially to stay alive removing a part of this energy is acting like parasites that take the advantage of the tree and a parasite that removes too
much energy kills the tree so the energy that we could obtain from living trees would always be quite low researchers have been knowing for a long time that an electrical tension of a few tenths of millivolts between the tree trunk and the surrounding ground exists by meticulously implanting electrodes we can thus recover a very low electric current generating an energy when million times less powerful than the trees won and which is consequently safe for the tree yet these few milli watts are enough to supply very simple electronic circuits such as temperature sensors and small transmitters the application that immediately comes to mind consists in spreading such sensors in forests in order to detect outbreaks of fire once implanted the sensor is supplied as long as the tree is alive such sensors have already been successfully tested in the United States another way of producing energy with trees requires some genetic manipulations some animals and some plants are bio luminescent that is to say they can emit light this is the case of fireflies and glowworms but also of certain Swedes and fungi for instance the gene at the origin of this property has been identified and has already been implanted on organisms such as bacteria to make them feel luminescent prototypes of lamps using this bacteria in solution in a glass bulb have already been presented by companies in the example of this lamp bacteria emit light while they feed for instance with methane or composted matter generated by the daily life at home the next step is to implant this gene in a tree thus making it bioluminescent these trees were planted in cities they will replace the current lighting in daytime they would stir up energy via photosynthesis as an entry in nighttime a part of this energy will be spent in bioluminescence to obtain lighting as powerful as the ones currently used the tree should dedicate 0.02 percent of its energy to this new function which seems low enough not to weaken it finally in order to get the maximum of energy from the tree without impoverishing it we just need to use an artificial tree because trees are wonderful machines that change solar energy with powers per square meters far higher than photovoltaic solar panels how do they do that leaves are torn on several levels and are arranged so that they shade as less as possible Leaves on the below level besides they are translucent and reflective so much so that only leaves receive at least a little light so artificial trees could take a leaf out of actual trees to produce energy more efficiently in fact such trees have already been developed by taking even father the energy recovery thus each leaf is not only a photovoltaic sensor but also a thermal voltage sensor that transforms heat into electricity and a piece of voltaic sensor that transforms the leaves movement caused by wind or rained into electricity the first prototype tree alone can supply the needs of one house.